Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas- Our Studs

We are so proud to be able to present our Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas- Our studs! All of them are here for their exceptional genetic and perfect physical features. Their children can’t be much different too. Contract us for stud service if you want to use any of our Elite Dachshund Studs.

Cream Long Haired Dachshund

Weight: 14 Pounds

Clear Cream Long Hair

Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas

Drake is gorgeous with a great body.  He carries himself regally while at the same time being a big goofball.  He is happy and loving with just a little bit of shyness when he meets new people.  Drake was imported from the Philippines where he was born. His parents were from Vietnam.  Drake is a proven Dad having had many litters of stunning babies.

ee Cream Piebald Long Hair

Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas

AKC Registered and Clear Testing!!!

He was bred by LBF Mini Dachshunds. His mother is our own Kayliah. His Father is our own Axel Rod (Retired)

Shikari is a tiny ball of energy but once he has had his run he becomes a snuggle bum. He might be tiny but he is a mighty force.  Shikari is tested clear for PRA through  GenSol.  

Shikari is a future Dad at LBF Mini Dachshunds.  

Shikari is also Available for Sale. To become a great sire for your program

Piebald Dachshund

Weight: 9 Pounds

Our Elite Dachshund Breeders Partner Program

Our Dachshund Partner Breeders Program is a program in which we partner with another dachshund breeder and sell the puppies under our warranty and privilegesThis came about as a friend from birth started breeding Mini Dachshunds somewhere about the same time as I started breeding. We would often call and discuss puppies with each other. After setting up my first website I offered to include my friend’s dogs as well knowing that computers were not her forte. Delivering the babies is not a problem since I make frequent trips to the Corpus Christi area. So, overall, both my friend and I have been incredibly happy with this arrangement as it has proved beneficial to both of us.  

Cream Miniature Long Haired Dachshund

Weight: 9 Pounds

ee Red Long Hair

Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas

He was bred by LBF Mini Dachshunds. His mother is our own Saphira. His Father is Dax which is a stud owned by CK Dachshunds in LA

  He is one big lover always wanting 100% of our attention and Loves.  Remmimgton tested clear for PRA through GenSol.  

He is expecting his first litter to delivered any day with Mattie.  

Carries for piebald and cream.  

Contact us for more information

Isabella Piebald w/Ticking Short Hair

Elite Dachshund Breeders in Texas

Rudy loves the ladies and the ladies love Rudy.   Rudy also loves getting 100% attention and love from everyone. He has never met a stranger.  He is a proven Dad as he has produced many beautiful litters. 

I love how this guy has so many genetic possibilities when crossed with the right lady.

Also Carries Chocolate

Isabella Dachshund

Weight: 10 Pounds

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