Why Choose LBF Texas Mini Dachshunds

LBF Texas Miniature Dachshunds are ethical breeders focused on using the considerable power all Dachshund breeders Texas have, to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own.

1. Our Mini Dachshund Texas Puppies are family reared so they will fit in beautifully with your family.

2. They are never inbred, so are very unlikely to develop genetic illnesses. In fact, all our puppies can come with a Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee against serious genetic illnesses! Ask Us for more Details

3. They are personality tested and matched to your family, so it is a perfect match for you.

You also get regular photo or video updates of their progress on our Facebook page.

In addition, we get their toilet training off to a great start and our puppies are chew toy conditioned, crate conditioned, and well socialized.

Mini Dachshund Breeder Texas

As part of the all-important socialization, we also take care of the first groom.

We support our owners throughout the life of their dog. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a solid foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life. Dachshund puppies in Austin Texas

You also get regular photo or video updates of their progress on our LBF Texas Miniature Dachshunds Facebook page.

LBF Texas Miniature Dachshunds

LBF Texas Miniature Dachshunds

texas miniature dachshunds
Children friendly

The Dachshund is pretty tolerant of children’s behavior and has an overall family-friendly nature. Of course, all dogs should be supervised around young children or anyone with minimal experience with dogs. 

Hate to be alone

If you want an outdoor dog who can be left alone for long periods, Our mini dachshund for sale in texas is not the breed for you. 

Dachshund puppies for sale Austin Texas
Excellent Housekeeper

Dachshunds will happily clean up any food mess that you leave on the floor (over a second). They will gladly do this job whether you ask them to or not. Just be careful that anything that hits the floor is an acceptable food for your doggie family member.

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